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THU-W7500 - electric armchair

With the push of a button on the controller, the chair gets up and leans forward,
helping the user-to stand up effortlessly. Pressing the other button, the chair down,
allowing sit naturally.
If you continue pressing the button, the seat will adopt a position of total relaxation,
remaining fully drawn, as if it were a bed.

Lifting position, minimizes discomfort hip, to get up and down.

The relax position, rest back and stretch your legs, for a total comfort.

Colors: chocolate brown and blue sky.

The backing is removed easily, allowing easy transportation.

Weight: 61 kg.
Ancho total: 82 cm.
Fondo total: 90 cm.
Seat Depth: 46 cm.
Width between armrests: 56 approx.
maximum user weight: 170 kg.