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Catalan Health Service

orthoprosthetic benefits

The health system ensures to insured persons obtaining orthoprosthetic the following benefits:

  • external prosthesis
  • Wheelchair
  • orthotics

You should prescribe a medical specialist public health network, which will provide a document called PAO (Ortoprotesico prescription item) and send the patient to the processing unit, usually within the same hospital.

In the processing unit must show the individual health card and the PAO, and an administrative document validation and dispensing information centers orthoprosthetic items will be received.

Los centros acreditados tienen un adhesivo identificador en la puerta. Allí hay que entregar el PAO y el documento de validación administrativa. Una vez recibido el artículo, debe firmarse el PAO y abonar, si procede, la parte correspondiente a los usuarios. El catálogo de prestaciones ortoprotésicas incluye la relación de todos los artículos, el precio y la aportación máxima del CatSalut.

You can also purchase orthoprosthetic items advance payment and asking after compensation for the help of CatSalut, provided that the dispensation has been effected, center not attached to CatSalut as the dispensation is after the prescription of medical specialist public network . In this case you have to go to the processing unit of the hospital.

Instructions for dispensing an article:

  1. The wearer must turn the dispenser center the printed prescription Ortoprotesico article (PAO) and administrative document validation.
  2. The dispenser center must check and complete the documentation and must submit to the wearer article, warranty and sheet use and maintenance.
  3. The wearer must sign the PAO when you receive the item and have to pay, if applicable, the share will (according to the catalog approved).
  4. The dispenser center must returning properly sealed and the date of dispensing, and the PAO printed document validation.
  5. The dispenser center must deliver the bill on behalf of the user and issue a copy to the CatSalut.